ASQ II Glasswasher

American Dish Service ASQ II Glasswasher

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The ASQ II Glasswasher is revolutionary in both concept and design by combining the convenience of a carousel with the cleaning power of a dish machine. The carousel is divided into three compartments isolated by stainless steel panels, controlling the water and washing action of the rotating spray. With the push of a lever, the manual carousel easily rotates and locks into the next position. While the glasswasher does the cleaning, the bartender can unload spot-free glasses and load the glassware to be washed, efficiently cleaning full loads.

ASQ II Features:

  • Full Load Washing – Saves Power, Water, and Chemicals
  • Fast – Only 75 Seconds Per Cycle
  • Rotating Spray Arm – Provides Outstanding Results
  • Divided Carousel, Creates A Washing Chamber That Cleans With A Recirculating, High-Volume Water Spray
  • Load, Unload & Wash Simultaneously
  • 120 Degree Final Rinse – Allows for Effectiveness of Rinse Aids
  • Manual Turn Carousel – Eliminates Washing One Glass at a Time
  • Sustainer Heater – Maintains Tank Temperature
  • Built-In Chemical Storage (One Gallon Containers)
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