5AG-ES Dish Washer

American Dish Service Model 5AG-ES High Capacity “Green” Dish Machine

For leasing or purchasing options please contact our office at 843-572-6688!

The 5AG-ES is a double duty mode dish machine that features a 20 1/2″ door opening, air-gap fill and dual screening. It has the capability to wash 74 racks per hour with two powerful 1 HP pumps. This model is an energy star rated unit in that it uses less than 1 gallon of water per rack.

5AG-ES Features:

  • Cleans 74 Racks Per Hour.
  • Water Consumption of Less Than 1 Gallon Per Rack.
  • Great Door Clearance At 20 1/2”.
  • Top Mount Controls with Auto Start.
  • Stainless Steel Air Gap.
  • Quick Release Spray Arms.
  • Two High Capacity 1 HP Pumps.
  • Door Safety Switch – External Prime Switches.
  • Delime Switch Located in the Control Panel.
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