180VL-FL Ventless Frontload Dishwasher

CMA 180VL-FL Ventless Frontload Dishwasher

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This single tank high temperature dishwasher is designed for years of trouble free service, producing sparking results while conserving energy, water and chemicals. Features a unique soil purging system that filters wash water and plate debris into an external tray, a 16” maximum dish clearance for easy loading and unloading and includes a built-in 12kW booster heater.


  • 75% less floor space than traditional dishmachines (compact space-saving design) requires no entry or exit tables
  • Requires only 7.1 square feet of floor space (door closed)
  • Front loading door design provides optimal working height for easy loading and unloading of dishes
  • Replaces need for independent vent hood
  • Heat recovery system captures hot water vapor from wash and rinse cycles then condenses vapor to heat incoming cold water while efficiently evacuating steam from wash chamber
  • Final rinse valve receives cold water (41-65°F) that is processed through a “Heat Recovery System” providing nearly cost-free heating capabilities for water supplied to the booster heater, which reduces the heat recovery time for the booster heater
  • 170 second cycle (60 second wash/rinse and 110 second steam evacuation)
  • 21 racks per hour/standard 200″X20″ racks
  • ENERGY STAR water-saving design (0.89 gallons of water per cycle)
  • Water level safety control
  • Wash tank screens filter recirculating wash water preventing soil from clogging spray arms
  • Safe-T-Temp feature assures 180°F sanitizing rinse every cycle
  • 6kW wash tank heater
  • 12kW electrical booster heater
  • Booster-safety thermostat
  • Large 16″ dish clearance
  • Interchangeable components compatible with other CMA products
  • Rinse pressure regulating valve (PRV)
  • Automatic heat exchanger condenser and wash-down feature
  • Dual-power supply connections
  • Door safety interlock
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