Loose Screw Penetrating Lubricant

OBCO Loose Screw Penetrating Lubricant

Available Quantities:
  • 20 oz. Canister
  • Case (12 Canisters)

For pricing information please call our office at 843-572-6688!

Loose Screw is a penetrating lubricant that frees rusted and corroded parts and stops metal from squeaking. The formula contains no silicons or chlorinated solvents and is safe to use on plastics, rubber and painted surfaces. It features a forceful jet spray which helps provide rapid penetration through rust and corrosion to free frozen parts. Contains PTFE and molybdenum disulfied particles for added pressure and wear resistance. Reduces friction and wear over a broad temperature range. Leaves a long-lasting lubricating film to defend against rust and corrosion.

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