Eco Fresh Wave 3D Urinal Screen

Fresh Products Eco Fresh Wave 3D Urinal Screen

Available Scents:
  • Cucumber-Melon
  • Mango
  • Honeysuckle

For pricing information please call our office at 843-572-6688!

The Wave 3D is a 30 day urinal screen with the best splash control available. The unique two-sided designed allows the screen to eliminate 99% of splash back on both sides. This prevents incorrect installation which can result in a mess around the urinal. This screen lasts the full 30 days advertised and then some. It comes with a patented fragrance load that gives it 3X more fragrance than the closest competitor and contains billions of beneficial bacteria that consume bad odors instead of just masking them and help keep drains clean, clear, and smelling fresh. This product come with remind tabs along the top and bottom edges of the screen that can be pulled off weekly and monthly to correspond to 30 days from installation, making it an easy reminder when it is time to change out the screen.

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