Commercial Ice Machine Lease in Charleston, S.C.

Commercial Ice Machine Lease in Charleston, S.C.

For businesses that require ice machines, there is often a tough decision on whether to purchase or lease an ice machine. Although owning has its benefits, leasing is often a better option for most companies. At OBCO Chemical Corporation, we lease ice machines to Charleston businesses; that means we deal with the hassle!

OBCO offers top of the line equipment as part of its commercial ice machine leases in Charleston. We provide leases for an array of different machines to suit any need in all industries, including: manufacturing, medical, corporate offices, educational institutions, retail locations, hotels, restaurants, and health clubs. Despite the high end products we can provide your business, our lease program comes without the huge upfront costs.

As a company grows, it may outgrow its ice machine, making leasing the best option. Like a car lease, an ice machine lease allows a business to upgrade regularly without huge upfront costs and a large investment of capital. An ice machine lease allows for more flexibility for company growth.

In addition, because ice machines have one of the shortest life spans of all kitchen appliances, it is not advisable to purchase them. Maintenance on an owned ice machine can be a hassle and not cost efficient. Leasing an ice machine removes the stress of maintenance or replacement costs when an ice machine breaks.

Our Charleston commercial ice machine leases always include top of the line equipment, maintenance and repair and high end customer service. Our job is to make sure our leased ice machines perform up to the manufacturer’s standards and to our client’s needs. We understand that running your own business is stressful; it makes much more sense to let us worry about your ice machine needs so you can focus on running your business.

Our professionals are Charleston ice machine experts, focused on finding the perfect solution for your business. Whether you own a restaurant, office, health center or other business with ice needs. OBCO has an ice machine lease option that will suit your business goals and needs. Contact us today to discuss leasing an ice machine in Charleston.

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